Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nanny Struck Again!

With a very LOUD knock on our door Saturday morning we rec'd a box from Nanny and Poppy (Brian's parents). Mili has been waiting for this dress for a while and was overjoyed with its arrival. After finding out that her little sister would be matching her on Sunday, she was ecstatic.

Mili called this dress her princess dress. I had to take these pictures after church since we had to drop off Daddy at the Metro Station before church. We received MANY comments on our sweet girls in their matching dresses. Great job Nanny!!!!

Mili does this hundreds of times a day. She loves to love on Sadie.

Nanny always makes bows to go with the girls dresses. I sewed this bow on an old headband I had here. It worked out perfectly. It was cool here so they wore their sweaters and tights.

Mili didn't want to take pictures. She better get used to it because Mommy will be doing lots of it for the rest of her life.

More mad faces. This will be a blackmail picture later in

What a transformation....from ugliness to a twirling princess in 2.5 seconds.

More twirling, the tongue helps us concentrate....Sadie Beth looking on.

And MORE twirling....Sadie Beth amused by her sisters performance.


Sooz said...

I wish I could sew. The dresses are beautiful.

Anonymous said...


The girls are beautiful and their dresses look like a professional
did the sewing, but I know Mary does a beautiful job of sewing.

Love you all,
Aunt Norma

LeLe said...

Nanny did good! I love the sad Mili face. So funny. I think my mom has plenty of pouty faced pictures of me at that age.

Anonymous said...

Alice, Thanks for the pictures. I'm so glad they fit. I had so much fun making them. Mili's capris are on the machine now and I'll finish them as soon as possible. Love sewing for the girls. Isabella came in with her hands out and said, "Where's my dress?" I guesss she thought I was really fast. She didn't realize I made all those things on spring break. Was good to see Brian, he looks so good. Wish we could see you all. Maybe soon. Until then please know we love you all and continue to keep you in our prayers. Love Mom