Monday, April 21, 2008

Please Pray for ME

Currently (like right now) I am trying to train Sadie to fall asleep by herself in her bed. It is probably the hardest thing I ever did with Mili but the best thing we ever did. I HATE doing it because it usually takes a week to fully train them and that means a week of MANY tears (me and Sadie).

With Mili I waited until she was nine months old to do it and she could already pull up in the bed so she wouldn't stay laying down long enough to fall asleep. So with Sadie I decided to start earlier (Sadie will be 8 months soon).

The most unbearable part is listening to them cry and cry for sometimes 45 minutes each time I lay them down to nap (it gets better each day...less time crying). It just kills my soul to hear her cry and I can't go and get her. I tense up all over and I usually end up crying myself (although it has been better today than when I started this with Mili).

She has given up!!! I went to check on her just now because the bedroom is silent and she has both her legs sticking out of the crib and asleep on her side. Well....I will just take a picture and show you.....

Not sure if she fell asleep because she was tired and gave up or if she couldn't figure out how to get her legs out of the bars.

Hopefully she will have a long nap now (her first nap of the day was only 20 minutes after 45 minutes of crying.....there was half the crying this time so hopefully she will be easy to train)

Please say a prayer for me. I don't think I would look good bald, however I DO think it would be therapeutic to pull my hair out some I can do it....I can do it.....I can do it!!!!


Anonymous said...


You can do it. I know how sensitive you are when it comes to your girls, but remember you are taking care of their needs the way a Mother should.

Hang in there and don't pull your hair out, because you wouldn't look as good bald as you do.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Alice, I feel for you. I did the same thing with Ryan and Jacob, and I feel I waited to long. It was very tough and I tried to do the whole go in after 5 minutes go in after 10 minutes etc.. but honestly I think that made it worse! Cause every time I left the room they cried 10x harder then when I went in there! I solved that w/ James. We put him in his crib at nap and night time from day one. It was hard and I slept with the monitor all the way up right next to my ear so I could hear every breath!
All though hard to believe I think crying it out is harder on us then them :(
I am praying for you (and Sadie). Hang in there, you can do it.
Lots of love,Dawn :)

Mellie said...

I know that has to be so hard! Rachel has only ever fallen asleep on her own in her crib a few times by accident. There's a book you might want to check out that might help. I've read it a bit, but since Rachel always falls asleep while nursing, I haven't really utilized it yet (but I know I'll need it soon). It's called "The No Cry Sleep Method" and it's really good. Not only does it give practical things to do, it explains a baby's sleep cycle and stuff like that. It might be worth a try (I got mine at Just an idea. We'll be thinking about you just the same. Stay strong! :)

Shana said...

Parenting is hard. BIG hug from me.

Sooz said...

Oh my gracious I can't imagine what that's like at all. Praying for you!