Friday, May 09, 2008

Random Catch Up

If you have been reading my blog then you know that our little family of four will be moving back to Arkansas at the end of July. We are ecstatic about moving back to be with family and friends but are very sad to leave our wonderful church and great friends we have made here (the people here became our family because we had none here).

Because we will be moving so soon, I am busy with so many details and trying to throw out half the apartment so we don't have to move it. I haven't had tons of time to take pictures or post them lately.

Here are few pictures of the girls from the past couple of days.

Sadie is trying to crawl but still not in full force yet. This look says, "Am I doing something wrong?" I have a feeling I will see more of this look than not in the future.

Happy to be free from the playpen. Since Mommy has been so busy, I have been caged a lot.

Come On.....I am irresistible!!!

Mili likes her time outside, especially blowing bubbles.

To blow good bubbles "ju got to pucker jur lips like dis!"

Standing with Mommy and my mouth's help. I put her in this position and she stayed for a couple of minutes.

Gotta have the back view. Take a look at those chubby, edible legs.

Love You All!!
Can't wait to hug you in person!!!


LeLe said...

YAY! I didn't realize it would be this soon. I love the third picture of Sadie. She IS irresistable and I can't wait to love on her.

Michelle said...

Oh, yaaaay. Maybe we'll finally be able to meet!!!