Thursday, May 29, 2008

Letter to Sadie Beth 9 Months

My Dear Sweet Sadie Beth,

Oh how Mommy, Daddy, and Mili are falling hard for you. We love you SO much. It is amazing how much the love grows when you can hug us back or try to kiss us.

It is a good thing Mommy is late on this post since you just started crawling good today!! Mommy and Daddy took delight in watching you crawl this morning before Daddy left for work. You are now EVERYWHERE and in to EVERYTHING (which is to be expected from a 9 month old crawler).

You are doing such cute things like always....

You are chewing on your toes

You do this cute blowing sound with your paci in your mouth.....cuteness.

You are not accepting the word "NO" very actually laugh at me when I say it.

You are saying "Mama" and "Yay"

You clap on command and say "Yay"

You REALLY understand the most important signs "eat" and "milk"

You sign "milk" will drinking your bottle

You hate your playpen because it restricts you

You are starting to throw fits when we put you in your car seat (will be great for a 22 hour travel home)

You do start to calm down after we are moving (hoping for NO stand still traffic while moving home to AR).

I think you love all the food you have ever eaten

You LOVE playing with your friends from church (here's a shout out to my friends in the green room Malachi, Noa, and Kierney)

You love to play with your sister is so cute the two of you in the floor "chatting" and laughing together.

You still put up a fight when you are laid down in your bed but it is hopefully getting shorter and shorter.

You sleep for a totally of 35-40 minutes for nap, only giving Mommy around an hour of "free" time (including the 20 minutes of crying before falling asleep).

You are still waking up in the middle of the night (around 3ish) to have a short party but usually drift off to sleep not long after sitting up for a while.

I love you all the way to the moon and back and then some. I am so glad God gave you to me.

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