Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow and More

Again, more snow. Well this is actually snow not sleet. The last big winter storm on Valentine's Day was five inches of sleet. I have never seen anything like it. It was as hard as a rock and could not be moved with a shovel. We still have huge mounds of ice from the parking lots and streets being plowed. Now we have five inches of snow. Snow is much easier to deal with and melts away much quicker than our wonderful lingering ice.

Hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures. There was enough snow to have snow cream and it was delicious. I love it so much, too much, I wanted to eat the whole thing.

A family update. My sister, Aimee, is due April 16th and has had to have contractions stopped once. She is on bedrest (and has a 2 1/2 year old to chase) and we are praying that she will carry the baby full term or at least until it is safe to deliver. Please pray for the safety of Aimee and the baby (Nate).

I am feeling much better. I have had some terrible morning sickness and am glad to be having a few waves throughout the day instead of most of the day. Hopefully I am going to be getting better each day until I get my energy back.

Mili is learning something new every minute and is talking up a storm (mostly another language that mommy doesn't quite understand). I hope I am not shaking my head yes to anything that I will regret later. She is a joy and some days I want two or three more of her (other get the picture).

Church was cancelled today because of all the snow and I am going to miss my refueling time with fellow Christians. I miss church when we are unable to attend. I also miss teaching the sixth grade girls and finding out what is going on in their worlds. I feed off their excitement and energy.


Dawn said...

Beautiful pics Alice, glad it was just snow, it is a lot easier to deal with. Good to hear your feeling a bit better, hopefully the sickness will just get less and less as time goes by. Have a good week, love to all 4 of you.

Hawkins said...

Praying for you morning sickness! I do not look forward to that part of pregnancy if and when that day comes for me and my sweet honey. The snow looks delicious and I wish once that south Arkansas would see a bit of it so we could enjoy snow cream. I could almost taste it! Thanks Alice!

Hawkins said...

Alice..I found a website that has really cute baby stuff. We have had numerous baby showers at our church lately and I have ordered a couple of things from them.
One outfit caught my eye because it has a colorful peanut on the front and underneath that it says "Peanut". I remembered you calling your baby Peanut and thought it was so cute! They even had a receiving blanket & bib to match.